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What's new?

AISCI proudly launches its tie-up with Euro Assist Philippines Inc. with its Auto Assistance Program which provides 24/7 Roadside Services to the growing clienteles of AISCI.

Fire / Allied Perils

Against the peril of FIRE AND/OR LIGHTNING

    Insurable properties are BUILDINGS and their improvements / better merits, MACHINERIES, EQUIPMENTS, STOCKS and OTHER PROPERTIES. Additional perils – subject or additional premium

1 Fire and/or Lightning                                                     (FL)
2 Full Earthquake                                                              FE
3 Typhoon                                                                        Typ
4 Flood                                                                             Fld
5 Burglary Cover – for contents with specific amo         Burg
6 Riot Strike Malicious Damage                                    RSMD
7 Extended Cover                                                            EC